Most people in America spend more of our day in the work environment than we do in our own homes. For this reason and because the relationship between a good work environment and good performance is proven, we believe it is critical that office design goes beyond just providing needed space to creating desirable space.

Studies continue to show that workplaces that lift expectations also lift performance and productivity. Polk Stanley Wilcox has designed millions of square feet of offices and headquarters for the region’s most prominent technology, banking, and non-profit companies, crafting meaningful and sustainable workplaces that do much more than serve a need, but also enhance the lives of those who inhabit these spaces daily. PSW’s office designs are recognized nationally for creativity, energy efficiency, and exceptional return-on-investment, leading to what we value most and take the greatest pride in: the collaborative relationships we have with our corporate clients that have continued non-stop for over 25 years.

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