About Us

Polk Stanley Wilcox is a full-service programming, architectural, planning and interior design firm with offices in Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

We have extensive experience in corporate/commercial, healthcare, educational, master planning and renovation/adaptive reuse projects. We seek appropriate solutions focused on quality and value for each project and are committed to client service and follow-thru. Our staff includes licensed architects, registered interior designers, construction administrators, specification writers and administrative support personnel.


We share an uncompromised commitment to both quality design and excellent value, shattering the preconception that these concepts are mutually exclusive.

Our continued desire for innovation and creativity is balanced with a no-compromise attitude for cost-effective designs for each client. We focus on energy conservation and sustainability because we know how the benefits of “building green” not only improve our everyday lives, but decrease the bottom line. Our philosophy is simple: to integrate ourselves into the client’s mission in order to design facilities that positively impact the lives of people and the communities where we live.

Our People: As like-minded professionals, we challenge each other to remain at the top of our game, no matter the size of the project. We embrace a culture of collaboration and partnership with each other and our clients, working together to create better spaces for learning, working, healing and playing.

Our Quality: Everything we do – from researching our clients’ industries to leading the state in sustainable design – is about a continual elevation of our design capabilities. We draw upon the many talents of our staff and partner firms to offer the most cost-effective and creative solutions possible – to create buildings that elevate the spirit and transcend time.

Our Innovation: We integrate sustainable design into every project, resulting in livable buildings that impact both your productivity and your peace of mind. A constant refinement of planning techniques and an acute awareness of our client’s industry keep us at the leading edge of practical, sustainable design initiatives that are relevant to our client’s bottom line.

Our Value: By embracing a holistic approach to the design process, we not only ensure that the functional, practical needs of a facility are met, but that it also renders a solution steeped in innovation and creativity. Design quality is not a commodity. Rather, it is the added value that separates our work from the ordinary.


We use the strengths of our architects and designers to constantly research, refine and improve built spaces for clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, nonprofit, corporate and worship.

Offering our clients more than a blueprint, we strive to incorporate each client’s architectural aspiration as well as our expertise in interior design, master planning and sustainability. For us, the best design comes when we forge a true partnership with our clients, engaging them in the design process and listening to their needs.

Architecture: Supporting the specific needs of each client’s program, our designs maximize functionality and creativity while utilizing natural materials for environmental and aesthetic appeal.

Interior Design: Recognizing that people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, we strive to create a unified design in which the inside, as well as the outside, reflects the purposes and aspirations of the client.

Master Planning: For each project, we bring together a team of qualified architects, planners and interior designers who ensure attention to detail and guide clients through the planning and designing phases.

Sustainability: As one of the first architectural firms in the state to truly embrace sustainable design, we approach every project as a “living” building that operates on minimal energy usage. We helped found the Arkansas Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council – one of the nation’s first chapters – and hired Arkansas’ first sustainable design specialist. Over the years, we’ve become leaders in the sustainable design movement, lending our expertise to design and construction professionals across the state. We’re proud to have designed the state’s first LEED Gold building and LEED Platinum building.